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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello, I'm Memory Moon
I'm a simmer, I have play The Sims since The Sims 1 then The Sims 2 and now The Sims 3.
This is the first time I have created my own blog
I have my own website about community for V-Simmer at VietNam
But I made this blog for my own little place, a Land called Memory, the place I can be myself not an administrator - it scared me!
Now I will introduce myself with a little hobbies if you care


Name: Memory Moon
Nickname: Mo - MoMo God
Age: 16
B.O.D: 23-9-1994
From: Vietnam
Gender: Female

About me

My hobbies: Oh right, this is very a long list
  1. I love books, so I love reading novels, love stories, science books, ART books - I'm really love ART and I'm an artist - do you believe this :bbhuyt: I love art and I read and research all about art, and my legend is Leonardo Da Vinci, Bernini, Galileo, Illuminati (The Illuminati - secretest group in the history) and Syon monastery,..... very a lot great men that I adored. :kiuquaa: I read a lot of books like: Angles and Demons - Davinci Code - Lost Symbol - Wuthering Heights - Twilight - New moon - Eclipse - Breaking Dawn - Darren Shan - Demonata - Love Novels of China - Maya Code - PS.I love you - blah blah blah...... and it's all awesome - you should find one to read!
  2. Secondly, of course I love The Sims all 3 version. And Will Wright - The father of The sims - I adored him so much. No words can describe his talent and his creative.
  3. When I played The Sims, it lead me to the art and I found guide - tut about 3D to create my own meshing, create my own style own life. So I loved 3D modeling although I'm very lazy to create carefully, of course meshing I'm very careful to be create but I'm lazy at the texture step - maybe when I done the meshing I feel tired then I'm careless maybe....Anyway I still love creating:kngaingung:
  4. I can use expert Photoshop,  and now I developed my 3D modeling to when it's perfect, I'm using 3Ds Max and Autodesk Maya - 2 favorite software.
  5. Hmmm, I kinda love painting - of course because I'm an artist:khuba:, I like watching movie specially HBO - Star movie - Disney Channel - Discovery and Animal Planet - that's all my favorite channels.
  6.  Actually, I think I can stop here, LOL you know that enough about me:ovui: 
  7. My dream: I just wanna fly faraway, I'm an artist and I just wanna to be freedom and enjoy the life, do my favorite work and find someone who interesting with my hobbies to discuss about anythings we like.....And I wish I could be the graphic designer, a game developing, a webmaster, An important thing that I can live and do what I really want to do!
    What's my precept: Live to they know who you are - Live for your dream - Live is an art - And be dead as an artist!
    Okey, That's enough for introducing myself...What about you? and what do you think about me?? :bbbye:



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